Every C-Suite exec would profit by gaining a better understanding of presales and sales engineering along with their impact on growth. The first thing to know is that technical sales are your firefighters, out on the front lines of your sales cycles dealing with one fire after another. And even though these fighters make up only 3 – 6% of your workforce, they can influence 100% of your top-line growth! So, the question you have to ask yourself is whether you have given your front-line firefighters (aka, your growth drivers!) the best equipment, processes, and support they’ll need to turn fires into conversions with the efficiency that you — and they — would like.

In our latest Forbes.com article, you’ll learn some of the unnecessary roadblocks your sales heroes may face as they attack their middle-of-the-funnel (MOF) goals to the best of their abilities. For instance, many are asked to build their own tools in-house, as though this is the best use of their time and expertise. Presales and sales engineering pros are often required to document every little move, but on bucket-brigade era tech — would you believe Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and CRM systems?  And why are your amazingly dynamic technical sales professionals still assembling reports by gathering data in veritable floor-to-floor, room-to-room searches instead of with a modern, efficient platform that makes quick work of top-notch reporting?

Read our new Forbes.com article to learn the six steps the C-Suite can take to help your most experienced, capable presales and sales engineering professionals deliver the middle-of-the-funnel conversion rates that you and they expect. You’ll learn why peer collaboration is more effective than spreadsheets. Why taking the time to hear and understand the sales team can be one of your most effective sales support techniques. And how appropriate staffing, training, and process development, along with tools such as a proper presales and sales engineering productivity platform, can help your technical sales team consistently deliver the most compelling returns on your investment in them.

Learn more in the full Forbes article: C-Suite: Presales and Sales Engineering Are Your Firefighters Without the Firetrucks