Portray the art of “the possible” to get the presales leadership budget you need.

Presales and sales engineering leaders have historically struggled to get ample budgets compared to other go-to-market departments such as sales, marketing, and customer success. Now is the time to change that. Both remote selling and the evolution of on-premise products to SaaS packages have prompted the C-suite to ask what areas they should invest in to better enable go-to-market professionals and drive top-line growth. One area ripe for investment is middle-of-the-funnel and technical sales motions owned by presales. The Presales engineer has a tremendous opportunity to better demonstrate and educate their value to the go-tomarket supply chain so they can get the right budget allocated to fuel growth. To do so, presales leaders should map the influence on the top line and the rest of the business before making the budgetary requests to fund people, training, processes, and tools. Here is a 7-step prescriptive guide to help presales leaders showcase their value and get the budget they need to be successful.

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