This presentation provides a framework for technical sales professionals to gain influence within their company.

I had the honor of presenting at DemoFest, organized by Consensus, to technical sales professionals. The Consensus team did an amazing job of organizing a virtual event that brought thousands of technical sales professionals together. The overall sentiment from the technical sales attendees was a strong desire to educate their peers on how and where they could add value. They want to increase their influence and help their companies win more business.

Key points from the presentation include:

  1. Field Position – Know your role in your land sales motion.
  2. Teammates – Understand what your peers care about.
  3. Inches or Yards – Identify where you can make the most impact.
  4. Perform – Build your technical skills and sales capabilities to deliver results.
  5. Play to Win – Improve sales efficiency in the present, demo and evaluation stage of the funnel.
  6. Keep Score – Track your sales, conversion, deal and award metrics.

You can also download the presentation here and video coming shortly. I hope the presentation helps you define the best way you can have a positive impact in your business.