We are pleased to announce that the Hub presales productivity platform is now available through the AWS Marketplace. Hub was designed specifically for the needs of sales engineers, solutions architects, system engineers —for all presales professionals and their leaders. It can replace the collection of under-performing spreadsheets and CRMs that hinder the ability of the presales team to contribute to their full potential.

Presales has historically been under-appreciated and under-resourced, especially when it comes to technology. This is more than a little ironic, considering presales is a team of highly ambitious, technically informed sales pros demonstrating and selling sophisticated technology. It’s even more ironic when you consider, as McKinsey has, that companies with strong presales capabilities consistently achieve new business win rates of 40% to 50%. And in renewal business, the win rate was 80% to 90%! That’s a contribution worth supporting with a capable presales platform.

Fortunately, now that Hub is on AWS Marketplace, it’s easy to explore, learn about, and adopt for your presales team.
Learn how Hub can help presales contributors and their leaders be more competitive, more effective with their time, and win more business to drive revenue. The spreadsheets and CRMs that presales are often forced to work with don’t serve them or their company’s sales goals. Their data handling and other functions can’t provide the team and its leaders with the information they need to fine-tune their efforts. Hub does.

With Hub, the presales team can manage their daily workload with far greater efficiency. Your presales operation can quickly scale to meet changing demands. And your team can perform at their best to deliver more of the wins you need! Explore our site to learn more about Hub or find us on AWS Marketplace here!