A very simple presentation framework for presales, sales engineering and technical sales

There is an art and science to effectively presenting to a prospect. Here is a very simple framework that can guide technical sales practitioners. First there is the content of the presentation itself. It should contain valuable, compelling information that speaks to the right audience and clearly explains what you offer. The presentation must also tell a good story that your audience can relate to. And your presentation must strike the right tone. You’ll want to bring positive energy to your framework presentation rather than negative energy. May you have amazing presentations that wow prospects. Enjoy.

Technical Sales: Present to Inspire, Inform and Build Trust

Three simple steps to make your presentations impactful.

Step 1: Content

Deliver valuable information that your audience cares about in a crisp, concise and accurate manner.

  • Who: Be empathetic
    • Know your audience extremely well
  • Why: Be compelling
    • Talk about the things they care about
  • What: Be clear
    • Be crisp on what you do and your differentiation
  • How: Be informative
    • Be accurate on how your offering works

Step 2: Story

People get emotionally attached to stories they can relate to, and they rely on data to reinforce that attachment.

  • People: Showcase individuals who are relatable to your audience
  • Setting: Illustrate environments that are relatable to your audience
  • Conflict: Identify common conflict areas that your audience cares about
  • Resolution: Show a solution that works for your target audience and their peers

Step 3: Tone

Human energy is contagious. People reject negative energy and are attracted to positive energy. Presenting is an early stage of your technical sales process. Make sure you do it well to drive your business forward.

  • Authenticity: Be yourself when you engage with prospects
  • Voice: Speak clearly with enthusiasm
  • Respect: Treat your prospect like you would want to be treated
  • Empathy: Actively listen to your prospects

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