We recently sponsored a Harvard Business Review research study that can serve as both an educational tool and a conversation starter for Presales professionals and their C-Suite. The Hub briefing paper, “Presales Can Unleash More Revenue Growth for the C-Suite,” is aimed at establishing the value of and leveraging presales in an organization and communicating to the C-suite that attention to presales is a necessity in order to unlock more revenue growth.

Presales professionals know better than most exactly what challenges a potential customer faces, and even better, can provide well-thought-out solutions that build trust and resolve the technological gap that clients were facing. As digital transformation initiatives take the business market by storm, it’s crucial for presales leaders to stay on top of the latest innovations and identify new solutions for prospects before they arise. This proactive approach equips presales teams with knowledge that may be sitting untapped by the C-Suite. Leveraging presales goes beyond identifying opportunities though. The true value in it lies in its application and being able to demonstrate to executives and board members the quantifiable value it offers to current practice.

Through countless conversations with presales and sales engineers, one of the undeniable facts that can be agreed upon when connecting with C-suite and advisory boards is the importance of data and proven facts. Peter Cohan of Great Demo! shared that from his experience with executives, most don’t have a close pulse on the activities and success rates of their presales teams, despite presales teams accounting for 30-50% of overall company headcount according to a 2015 survey from McKinsey & Co.

“The presales role is out in front of the process, communicating with buyers, forging connections, building trust, and ultimately, helping to close sales. This role also has significant influence over other sales professionals and assists with driving revenue.”

This blog only scratches the surface of all the valuable information within the “Presales Can Unleash More Revenue Growth for the C-Suite” briefing paper. The full paper is available for download today. We encourage you to download this asset and share it with your presales and executive teams to help communicate the value of leveraging presales within your organization to increase revenue growth.

Download the Briefing Paper