The value of presales professionals is typically well understood but often poorly quantified within the C-suite and the rest of the go-to-market organization. While presales attach rates on a given opportunity vary (the sales stage at which a presales enters into an opportunity and the time a presales professional contributes to the lifecycle of that sales opportunity), there is a clear force-multiplier effect from presales on the business. Here is a presales ROI calculator to help quantify your sales engineering team’s presales value to your business and what is possible if you could have access to your own presales tools that could up-level your game. Take five minutes to calculate your own ROI.


Baseline metrics about your business.

  • Presales Headcount – how many presales and sales engineer professionals in your organization?
  • Median Ratio – how many account executives does one presales support?


Envision the percentage efficiencies in these corresponding areas you could get with the use of better presales tools.

  • Process – repeat best practices by utilizing presales playbooks.
  • Product – streamline the way you deliver and capture feature gaps of your products.
  • People – your presales is more effective throughout their technical discovery, presentations, demos and management of evaluations (POC, POV, guided trials).


See your own presales ROI report on how your team can deliver the multiplier effect on your business. This would entail:

  • Additive Net New Revenue Contribution – net new dollars your team can contribute to your company with the proper presales tooling.
  • Total Sales Quota Support – how much revenue your sales engineer team supports now.
  • Process – Net new growth from better execution driven by playbooks.
  • Product – Net new revenue from unlocking feature gaps with product management.
  • People – Net new bookings from better allocation of resources.

Your presales ROI may vary based on your technical sales process and go-to-market model. Come find out what is possible and showcase your ROI within your company. Get your own personalized ROI now.

ROI Calculator