MEDDIC and its variants, MEDDICC and MEDDPICC, are well-known sales and presales methodologies used by various companies. This methodology is one of the most mature ones and was originally created by Dick Dunkel, John McMahon, and Jack Napoli in 1996. A full appreciation for this mature methodology can be found by digesting its full acronym in more detail.

Companies make significant training investments to introduce and reinforce the MEDDIC sales and presales methodology through certified subject matter experts and trainers. While this methodology is often embraced initially, it’s too poorly tracked to measure its continued effectiveness and impact in driving more business. However, Hub now makes it possible for presales professionals to assign the MEDDIC methodology, and any of its variants, to sales opportunities they care about. 

To illustrate, figure 1 shows a MEDDIC playbook identified in Hub with corresponding priorities and subtasks. This playbook was created in less than 5 minutes and can be amended in minutes to seconds to best suit a particular target market, use cases and/or verticals. The MEDDIC playbook also can contain pertinent artifacts, a log of revisions for change control purposes, and a list of active opportunities utilizing this playbook. 

To ensure that investment from the MEDDIC methodology is recognized by the presales organization,  a user can easily apply the MEDDIC playbook within Hub. In figure 2, the presales professional adds the MEDDIC playbook to an opportunity called Acme Inc. with one click. Then the presales user can select yes, no, or other when answering the question as to whether they are working with the economic buyer. This simple drop-down process takes seconds for the presales individual contributor to complete. At the same time, it lets presales leadership see how the MEDDIC sales methodology is being applied to the Acme Inc. opportunity and others.

Additional power features are available so that presales individual contributors and leaders can utilize and measure how this MEDDIC methodology applies to sales opportunities and the impact it delivers. And, by having a system of execution like Hub, the presales organization can consistently apply the MEDDIC methodology throughout the whole presales organization, easily amend it to support all corresponding sales motions, and use it quickly without taking on more mundane data entry tasks. 

MEDDIC has proven valuable to countless organizations that use it. Hub’s system of execution finally makes it possible for presales professionals to ensure a consistent practice of MEDDIC, which can result in winning more business.