It’s exciting times for presales. In the last few years, the presales community has seen several software vendors emerge dedicated to serving their needs. While this is great news for the presales community and executives like Chief Revenue Officers who rely on presales to optimize middle-of-the-funnel sales, the rapid influx of vendors has caused a bit of confusion within the presales community as to how vendors add value and what solutions may be complementary.

To help the presales community navigate vendors that can satisfy their needs, two subject matter experts, Chris White from TechSalesAdvisors and Kerry Sokalsky from Presales Mastery, spent months evaluating in-depth all the current presales vendors so buyers of these solutions can be better informed. The categories within this presales buyers guide published by Chris and Kerry include:

  • Presales Oversight and Management – solutions designed to provide visibility into the ongoing operations of the presales team.
  • Presales Opportunity Execution – solutions designed to enable sales engineers to follow best practices and perform a broad range of work.
  • Demo Automation – which tackles a broad range of use cases, but is ultimately focused on getting buyers exposed to the product earlier, with significantly less effort.
  • Response & Knowledge Management – solutions designed to automate the collection, curation, and dissemination of information during a sales opportunity
  • Presentation & Data Solutions – solutions that help organizations consolidate different applications, presentation media, and user personas during the presales selling process.

Hub, the first unified presales productivity platform designed for both individual contributors and leaders, falls within the presales oversight and management, as well the presales opportunity execution category in the presales buyers guide. Hub is complementary to solutions that are in the demo automation, response and knowledge management, and presentation and data solutions categories.

As an advocate for the presales community, I am eternally grateful to these subject matter experts for spending countless hours putting the presales buyers guide together to better serve the presales community. To fellow presales vendors, it’s an honor to be in this report with you.

To presales leaders and individual contributors who have been neglected far too long by commercial vendors, that is all changing. Now is your time to have a choice among solutions purpose-built for your needs, allowing you to be more successful, and in turn helping your executives and companies be more successful. You may not be the unsung hero of sales for much longer.