Do you uplevel the skill sets of your sales engineering team with methodical approaches specifically built for presales? Once you train your sales engineering talent, do you want to give them a dedicated system that not only helps reinforce and build on those skill sets but also leads to higher win rates and better goal attainment? Do you want to track the impact of your presales training investments, quantify your return on investment (ROI), and provide key sales performance metrics to your C-suite? If any of these questions resonate with you, read on.

Today, Great Demo! and Hub are proud to announce a partnership that helps sales engineering professionals create and implement presales methodology to improve and refine technical sales skills utilizing a unified presales productivity platform. This enables organizations to enhance and reinforce the world’s leading validated sales engineering methodology and your training, while reporting on the key performance indicators critical to driving your success. Why does this matter?

Sales engineering professionals have historically been relegated to training methodologies developed primarily for sales professionals and have had to use general-purpose tools like customer relationship management (CRM) systems and spreadsheets to perform their work. But over the years, training specifically designed for sales engineering professionals by well-respected providers, like Great Demo!, has become available. Leadership now recognizes the value this training adds to individual contributors who retain the knowledge and use it within their presales activities.

To help sales engineering leaders maximize training investments as well as make internal knowledge more accessible, repeatable and prescriptive throughout sales engineering activities, Hub, the unified presales productivity platform, gives sales engineering professionals the capability to ingest and leverage key Great Demo! templates and playbooks, including Situation Slides, Illustrations, Menus, and Informal Success Stories (for Vision Generation Demos). Sales engineering leaders can also implement their own proprietary presales methodologies into playbooks and templates, providing a prescriptive set of steps to follow during specific presales activities, ensuring that all presales professionals can perform like their best presales professionals.

“Our organization invests heavily in training for our presales teams. Adoption of best practice methodologies requires more than a one-time training event. Having a unified presales productivity platform provides the process and reinforcement required to ensure that practitioners overcome the forgetting curve and utilize best practices through repeatable processes. The outcomes include higher win rates and faster onboarding while gaining immediate access to the key performance metrics needed to enhance operations quickly so that we can consistently outflank competition and provide higher levels of value to our clients.” – VP of Presales

Applying Great Demo! and your own presales methodologies while harnessing Hub, the unified presales productivity platform, can yield:

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to visit either provider and we will gladly show you the power of Great Demo! methodologies used within the Hub unified presales productivity platform.

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