The world is ready to spend about $1.78 trillion on digital transformation in 2022, more than ever before. The question for every Chief Revenue Officer — and the C-Suite as a whole — is whether all parts of their sales funnel are positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities that a huge expansion in technology spending will generate. In particular, are you leveraging the presales professional role within your organization? Because it’s in the middle of the funnel, where presales engineers can be major contributors to revenue growth, that support from CROs is too often lacking.

Supporting Presales Professionals Means More Revenue

McKinsey has studied this closely. They found that companies with strong presales capabilities consistently achieve new business win rates of 40% to 50%. And in renewal business, the win rate was 80% to 90%! They further found that investing in presales and presales professionals can lead to a five-point improvement in conversion rates, a 6% to 13% revenue improvement, and a 20% boost in the speed at which prospects advance through the process.

Why CRO Support for Presales Professionals Fall Short

McKinsey also found that CROs and the C-Suite as a whole have a blind spot when it comes to presales, meaning presales engineers and the entire middle-of-the-funnel function lack the sales tools, platforms, and other support that the rest of the funnel enjoys. This lack of support, especially in providing a high-function sales platform geared to their needs, means presales professionals are kept from delivering the full results of their potential.

This blind spot can keep CROs from recognizing the important role that presales plays and their value as revenue multipliers. Presales teams often have the best view of prospects and customers. They establish the value of a product in the prospects’ minds, manage proof of concepts, proof of values, guided trials, and more.

So why does this blind spot exist? Far too often and in too many organizations, presales professionals are working with sales technology that’s either outdated or outmatched. General-purpose systems — think Excel spreadsheets and CRMs — don’t support presales knowledge, processes, or activities. Data is not effectively captured, with presales spending far too much time gathering data manually instead of demonstrating products and moving prospects forward.

Plenty of Room for Growth Mid-Funnel

This should come as great news to CROs! If you’re looking for more growth, look in the middle of the funnel. And you’ll see lots of room for even greater sales and revenue from the presales team. All they need is a little support from the top!

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